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MHS UIL Academics – The Start of Another Winning Season!

Teams 1st place awards were achieved by the following events:  Accounting - Caleb Wall, Jacob Sass, Andrew Nunn and Emily Hubble;  Science - Gabriel Frohaug, Terrell Ford, Jordan Griffin & Brady Wilkins; Calculator Applications - Ryan Alford, Daniel Masud, Jacob Sass and Drew Castleberry; Computer Science - Jordan Griffin, Jonathan Herrera and Trent Harris; Current Issues & Events - Jonathan Herrera, Ryan Schulze  and Sunny Tran; Mathematics - Jordan Griffin, Daniel Masud, Jacob Sass and Trent Harris; Number Sense - Jordan Griffin, Trent Harris, Madeline Demny and Ryan Alford.  MHS also had a second Computer Science team earn 2nd place -   Benjamin Johnson, Sunny Tran and Ryan Schulze. 

The 38 students placing individually in their events are as follows:  Accounting - 1st Caleb Wall, 2nd Jacob Sass, 3rd Andrew Nunn and 4th Emily Hubble; Computer Applications - 2nd Kimberley Duncan, 3rd Sarah Reinhardt, 4th Martin Hernandez and 5th Zachary Miller; Science - 1st Gabriel Frohaug, 2nd Terrell Ford, 3rd Jordan Griffin, 4th Brady Wilkins, 5th Jonathan Herrera and 6th Aksel Sjogren; Calculator Applications - 1st Ryan Alford, 3rd Daniel Masud and 6th Jacob Sass; Computer Science - 2nd Benjamin Johnson, 3rd Jordan Griffin, 5th tie Jonathan Herrera and Sunny Tran; Current Issues & Events - 2nd Jonathan Herrera and 6th Ryan Schulze; Journalism Events - 1st Editorial Writing - Sarah Venables, 2nd Headline Writing - Emma Coffelt and 2nd News Writing - Sarah Venables; Literary Criticism - 4th Carol Pettijohn; Mathematics - 1st Jordan Griffin, 2nd Daniel Masud, 3rd Jacob Sass, 4th Trent Harris, 5th Jonathan Herrera and 6th Gabriel Frohaug; Number Sense - 2nd Jordan Griffin, 4th Trent Harris and 5th Madeline Demny; and Ready Writing - 5th Lucille Stinn.  In addition, three of the Science competitors won top awards:  Top Physics - Gabriel Frohaug, Top Chemistry - Jonathan Herrera and Top Biology - Travis Ford. 

The MHS UIL Academic team has a lot to defend.  The team has been the district champions for the last three years in a row and has been the region runner up the last two years in a row.  This win at the invitational meet was a job well done and we congratulate all competitors and their coaches.  The next invitational meet will be the MHS 9th Annual Invitational meet here at MHS on February 10 and 11.  Visit the MHS UIL academic web page to read more and see photos: