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AP Language: 2nd, 3rd, and 6th period
IB English 3: 5th and 7th
Conference: 4th from 10:30-11:15 AM
Literary Term List:
List #1: Alliteration, attitude, consonance, allegory, extended metaphor, allusion, diction, elegy, antithesis, assonance, colloquial, dialect, connotation, euphemism, exposition.
List #2: Hyperbole, jargon, genre, juxtaposition, figurative language, mood, imagery,  metaphor, flashback, irony.
List # 3: personification, realism, onomatopoeia,  point of view, oxymoron, motif,  parallel structure, prose, paradox, narrative.
List #4:   Rhetorical Question    Style   Sarcasm   Symbolism    Satire    Syntax     Setting     Theme       Shift      Tone

Simile    Voice


IB: your final will be over lists 1-4!!

2nd Period:                                                                                                  5th Period:
id: 13661825                                                                                                 id: 13661870
password: bulldogs2                                                                                     password: bulldogs5
3rd Period:                                                                                                   7th Period:
id: 13661857                                                                                                 id: 13661896
password: bulldogs3                                                                                     password: bulldogs7
6th Period:
id: 13661886
password: bulldogs6


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