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Name: Troy Hebert
Position: Health, Coach
1st Health
2nd Health
3rd Health
4th Health
5th Athletics
6th Conference from 12:54 - 1:42 pm
7th Athletics
Welcome to Health. This class emphasizes the decision-making process involved in becoming a healthy, mature young adult. Topics include mental health, emotional health, fitness, nutrition, drug, alcohol, and tobacco misuse, infectious and lifestyle diseases, reproduction, the life cycle, family life, emergency and first aid, & cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students will have an understanding of healthy behaviors to help them succeed in their future foals.

Classroom Rules and Behavior Expectations:

  • Follow the student code of conduct as set out by Magnolia High School. (Cell Phones Included)
  • Show respect for the teacher and other students in the class.
  • Come to class with a willingness to learn and participate.
  • No food, drink (except bottled water), or gum in the room.
  • Return materials to appropriate place; respect all class materials.