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Application Process (Seniors)


1. Complete Application

There are three different ways that a college can accept an application, see below for details.



Apply Texas (Open July 1st)

If you are applying to a Texas school, use for your application website.  Apply Texas allows you to complete one application and copy it to any other colleges that you might be looking to apply to.  Some colleges require essays.  Make sure to write these essays and have them checked for grammar and content.  Email me if you would like to have them checked!  


  • add detail to your application
  • include EVERY activity, leadership position, and community service entry from freshman year through what you expect to complete your senior year.  
  • highlight all the hardwork, accomplishments and honors you have put in over the past four years Some colleges look at your application for acceptance and scholarship opportunities!
  • have Mrs. Kutter check it before you submit.  
  • Payment must accompany most applications.  
  • If you receive free or reduced lunch, then you qualify for 4 college application waivers.  See Mrs. Kutter for details.

Common Application

Many private and out of state schools use Common App. The CommonApp often requires additional counselor input that I will need to complete.  Let me know immediately if you are using the Common App.  Please see me before asking teachers to do their recommendations.  All evaluations/recommendations will go through your Family Connections account.  You must link your Family Connections account to your Common App. Here are the steps to making that happen.

  • First, create your CommonApp account 
  • Under recommenders, check the CA FERPA Waiver & Authorization box
  • Next, Log into Family Connections and choosing the colleges tab, and then the "Colleges I'm Applying To" link
  • Once there, enter your Common App email address and click Match.
  • Notify me of your account
  • Your transcript cannot be mailed through CommonApp until we have all of your evaluations uploaded as well.
  • IF YOU ARE APPLYING AS AN EARLY DECISION STUDENT, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU NOTIFY ME OF THIS.  It is very important that we discuss and get your ED Agreement taken care of in a timely manner.


School Applications (Baylor, UMHB, TCU, etc)

Some private colleges use their own application that is not ApplyTexas or CommonApp. Please make sure you list Brittany Kutter as your counselor, so that I will receive emails on documents missing from your account.  Often times these accounts will include a SendEDU PIN# after applying.  Please make sure to get that to me, so that I can send in your forms.


Each school requires a different application fee. If you have used a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT, you qualify for a fee waiver and may be able to apply for free. If you didn't use a fee waiver, but qualify for one, please see me so I can give you an alternate application waiver. NOTE: each school uses their own policies on whether or not they will accept application fee waivers.

2. Send in your SAT or ACT Scores

Colleges want an official documentation of your scores.  Log in to your account or account to send your scores.  You are allowed to send to 4 schools for free before you take the test.  If you miss this opportunity, or need to send to more than 4 schools, it is around $11 per each additional score.  Do this as soon as you know where you are applying!  This can be the longest part.


3. Send in your transcript

Transcripts are requested through Family Connections.  Please see the "Requesting Transcripts" page on the right side for more information. 


4. Recommendation Requests

Many colleges do not require recommendation letters.  Please check the college's website and with Mrs. Kutter before asking a teacher to write a recommendation. Directions can be found on the "Letters of Recommendation" page on the right side. If letters are optional, and you do not meet automatic admissions- it is HIGHLY recommended that you submit letters of recommendation.


5. After Applying

After submitting your application, you should receive an AIS (Applicant Information Systems) account to track your application.  You MUST log in and check to make sure that all parts have been received in a timely manner.  DO NOT wait until the week before the deadline, as your documents might not make it. Please notify me of any documents that have not been received.


6. Reminders

Please list Mrs. Kutter as your counselor on ALL college and scholarship applications.

Notify Mrs. Kutter of ALL college acceptances and scholarship offers, regardless of whether attending or not.