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Dual Credit Deadlines

*There will be no exceptions to dual credit deadlines*
*Deadlines will be announced on this page, twitter, REMIND, through dual credit classes, AND through the announcements.*
*Students must go by the MHS deadlines for the dual credit program.*

Sophomore Dual Credit Deadlines

  1. Indicate which dual credit classes you would like to take when you register for your fall MHS classes.
  2. Mrs. Kutter and Mrs. Bayless will be in contact with you, after you have registered for your MHS classes.
  3. Lone Star enrollment and Pre- Assessment Activity Days are on MHS CAMPUS Feb. 27th and March 1st
  4. TSI dates for dual credit students only are on MHS campus March 6th and 7th, if you cannot make these dates you must take the TSI on Lone Star campus and bring results back to us before March 24th.
  5. All documents (registration form, parental consent, and FERPA) are due to The U by March 31st.
  6. Payment Deadline May 17th


***There will not be any additional dual credit registrations for the MHS fall semester after March 24th. 


Junior Dual Credit Deadlines


TSI Testing (College Readiness Test)

We will be offering the TSI test to all juniors, March 29th-31st. All juniors are encouraged to take the TSI, as it will be offered for FREE on our campus. 
In order to take the TSI, students must be registered as a Lone Star student and complete the pre-assessment activity. They received direction packets on this during their junior class meeting today, and the directions are also listed on Mrs. Kutter's webpage. The deadline to complete these steps is Friday, March 24th. If a student has not registered as a Lone Star student and completed the pre-assessment by March 24th, they will not be able to test for the TSI
If your student has registered for a dual credit class, it is required that they register as a Lone Star student (since dual enrollment is offered through Lone Star College-  Montgomery campus) by Friday, March 24th. Students who have not registered by Friday, March 24th will not be eligible to take dual credit. 
If your student has registered as a Lone Star student, the next step is to make sure they qualify to take the class. They can do this by showing Mrs. Kutter their SAT/ACT scores, or by taking and passing the TSI test. 
If they wish to qualify through the TSI, they must complete the pre-assessment activity. If they qualify through their SAT/ACT scores-- these must be given to Mrs. Kutter by March 31st
This is the first step in qualifying for dual credit. Check back for additional deadlines and documents. Thanks!

If your student took the TSI test at MHS and did not pass, or did not pass a certain section, they can retake your test at Lone Star College(Montgomery or Tomball). The cost is $10 for each section needed.


Retest scores must be given to Mrs. Kutter or Mrs. Bayless in The U by April 13th – juniors who do not have qualifying TSI test scores to The U by that date, will not be able to take dual credit.


The testing center stays open until 8 p.m. on most days, however it is suggested for students to go test earlier, in order to pay for the test before the business office on the Lone Star Campus closes. Below are the links to the testing centers where numbers and contacts can be found.


Students are encouraged to not wait until the last minute to test, in the case that they do not pass and would like to retest.


Students who need to know if they passed, or which sections they passed can contact Mrs. Kutter or Mrs. Bayless in The U.


Payment Deadline May 17th