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Welcome to Magnolia High School! I am the Assessment & 504 Coordinator for our campus and look forward to working with our students! Below are the local and state testing dates for the 2016-2017 school year. 
Common Assessments:
1st Nine Weeks - October 6-14
2nd Nine Weeks - December 8-16
3rd Nine Weeks - March 6-10
4th Nine Weeks - May 15-25
EOC (End of Course Exams) are administered in the following subjects and years:
English I (Freshman Year)
Biology I (Freshman Year) 
Algebra I (Freshman Year/unless completed in grade 8) 
English II (Sophomore Year)
US History (Junior Year) 
EOC Dates:
December 5-9: EOC Retests (Eng I, Eng II, Alg I, Bio I, US His)
March 28-30: English I and English II
May 1-5: Biology I, Algebra I, US History
PSAT (Sophomore Year): October 19, 2016
Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance this year!
Sarah Bellini
(281) 356-3572 *7028