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US History


  • This course is the second part of a two-year study of U.S. History that begins in Grade 8. Students will study the history of the United States since Reconstruction to the present. The historical content focuses on the political, economic, and social events and issues related to American History. We will explore United States History and discover your connections with the people and places around the world that have affected your past and will be an important part of your future. 

Grades & Assignments 

  • Daily (34%)
    • Class Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Homework
  • Major Grades (51%)
    • Projects
    • Unit Test (Multiple Choice)
  • Common Assessment (15%)
    • End of 9 Weeks DCA

Extra Credit

  • There will be one extra credit current event assignment offered per 9 weeks. The assignment will add 10 summative points to the student’s 9 weeks grade should they satisfy all criteria and requirements listed in the extra credit assignment rubric.

Retesting Procedures

  • Students may retest for each summative exam but not multiple retests over the same material. The retest must be taken within one week from the day the grade was posted in the grade book. Students must attend at least one tutorial session to qualify for a retest, if a student scores lower on the retest than the original grade will stand. Retest will not be the same as the original test.

Late Work

  • Late work will be accepted for a maximum grade of 70. Grades are uploaded every 3 weeks, once the 3 week period for an assignment has ended the late work will no longer be accepted.
    • Formative Assessments:  
      • 50% credit of earned grade if received one day late
    • Summative Assessments/Projects:
      • 70% credit of earned grade if received one day late.
      • 50% credit of earned grade if received two days late.