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Senior Timeline



  • Narrow your list of colleges to which you will be applying to three to five.  

o If you have not done so, visit the website of each school. 

o Plan to tour as many of these colleges as possible. 

  • Create a planning calendar that includes: 

o Tests you will take and their fees, dates and registration deadlines.

 o College application due dates. Try to apply by the Scholarship deadline.

 o Financial aid application forms required and their deadlines. ( Note: Scholarship and/or financial aid applications may be due before college admission applications .) 

o Other materials you might need (recommendations, resume, etc.)

 o Your high school’s own application processing deadlines.

  • Start working on your college applications.
  • Continue to work on your college essays 
  • Complete College Application Checklist for each college that you are applying. 
  • Confer with military recruiters if interested in the military.
  • Student athletes planning to continue playing a sport in college, register with NCAA Eligibility Center (
  • If you have used a SAT or ACT fee waiver, you may be eligible for an application fee waiver or a fee waiver from the NCCA if needed – see your counselor for details. 


  • Attend a FAFSA FRIDAY at MHS.
  • Apply for a FSA ID (Personal identification number) for both student and parent.
  • Complete the FAFSA online at
  • Certain private colleges require additional financial information through the CSS Profile.

o This College Board product opens October 1st at

  • Prepare Early Action applications as soon as possible. 
  • Submit requests for counselor and teacher recommendations if you need them. 
  • If you are submitting essays, write first drafts and ask the College and Career Center to review them.
  • Many colleges consider students for merit scholarships based on their admissions application when submitted early. Try to submit by November 1. 

o Consult the college website to determine scholarship deadlines and procedures.

  • Remember to start other college paperwork such as housing or honors program applications.


  • Be aware of early decision deadlines. 

o Some colleges have application deadlines during November; others may consider applicants for merit scholarships with applications submitted in November. 

  • Submit as many college applications as possible before Thanksgiving.

 o Check your application status at the colleges for updates. 

  • Request that your transcripts be sent to the colleges of your choice. 


  • Keep copies of everything you submit. 

o Read and save all emails from your prospective colleges.

  • Prepare for final exams.


  • Check your college application status to make sure your application is complete. 
  • Continue to research and apply for scholarships 
  • Attend Scholarship Spotlight on Date TBD in the MHS Library for Local Scholarship Opportunities. Make sure your Resume is ready to hand to Scholarship Donors.
  • Turn in requests for Mid-Year Reports if required by your college to College and Career Center.


  • Maintain strong academic grades. Colleges will review spring semester grades!
  • Continue to research and apply for scholarships. 
  • Watch the scholarship list as many scholarships have deadlines in February and March.


  • Carefully evaluate college admissions decisions as they come in.

 o Revisit the campus if necessary. 

  • Register to take TSI test if required for your two year or four year public Texas college. 

o Students with certain credentials may be exempt from the TSI. Consult with your college for details. 

o Refer to the college’s website on requirements or confer with your counselor if you have questions.

  • Continue to research and apply for scholarships. 
  • Remember to notify Dr. .McCusker of your college admissions decisions.
  • You should receive admission decision and financial aid offers by April. 

o Contact the college financial aid office(s) with questions. 


  • If you have not yet done so, if possible visit your final college before accepting an offer of admissions.

 o Many colleges have “admitted students’ weekends” for this purpose. 

  • Work with the financial aid office at your college to resolve any financial aid problems.
  • Contact your college if you have questions about housing. 
  • Get your bacterial meningitis vaccination. 

o Send a COPY of the immunization to your college (if required).

  • Report all scholarships you are accepting to Dr. McCusker in the Zone. 


  • Notify colleges of your intention to enroll by May 1st. 

o Make sure you pay the required deposits.

 o Send enrollment deposit only to the ONE college you will attend. 

  • Complete the Final Transcript Request page in the Zone. 
  • Attend the Senior Awards Ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments and scholarships.
  • Schedule orientation, CLEP, TSI exams or other requirements as directed by your college. 
  • If you were enrolled in Dual-Credit classes, request your college transcript from Lone Star College to be sent to the college you will be attending in the fall.


  • Pack and get ready for college. 
  • Make sure you have AP score information ready to give to your college at orientation. 
  • Update your high school if you have changed your college destination since graduation (final transcript).
  • Attend freshman orientation at your college.