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Earning the Diploma

Earning the IB Diploma


The goal of earning the IB Diploma is achieved by a student showing their knowledge of the six subject areas through Internal Assessments (IA) during the course and External Assessments (EA) at the end of the course.

In order to be awarded the IB diploma, a student must score a total of 24 points from the assessments from their six exams. IB examinations are scored on a scale of 1-7. IB considers a 4 passing score.

There are other opportunities to gain points towards a student’s diploma total. Depending on what students score on their Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) a student can earn up to 3 points that will be applied to their total points. 


“Because of IB, I’m able to take what I’m learning in and outside of the lecture hall, absorb and interpret it in a new way.” - Madeline Diamont MHS IB Class of 2018