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Exam Registration

IB Registration and Exam Information

IB Students should only register and pay for IB exams if they are taking an IB exam this exam session (May 2023). Most juniors do not take IB exams. Exceptions would be if a junior is in one or more of the following scenarios:

  • In IB Philosophy SL and is not intending to take IB Philosophy HL. This student would register for the Philosophy SL exam.
  • In IB Spanish 4 and is not intending to take IB Spanish 5. This student would register for the Spanish SL exam.
  • In IB Environmental Systems and Societies. This student would register for the IB Environmental Systems and Societies exam.

Q: How do IB students register and pay for IB exams?

A: Students can register and pay for exams by following this link 

Q: When must IB students submit their registration and payment?

A: The deadline for IB students to submit their registration and payment is October 19th.

Q: How much do IB exams cost for MHS students? 

A: $40 per IB exam or $10 per exam if the student qualifies for free and reduced lunch. 

Q: What if I don’t pay by October 19th?

A: Please see Mr. Parsons immediately. After November 15th, the student will either need to pay a $38 late fee, levied by International Baccalaureate, or be removed from the IB course at the end of the fall semester. 

Q: What are the IB exam dates?

A: The May 2023 IB Exam dates can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: Can I take an IB exam if I am not enrolled in the course?

A: No. IB regulations and assessment structure requires a student to take the course to be eligible for taking the associated exam. 

All questions regarding IB exams can be directed to Derek Parsons at

IB Exams May 23 Schedule- Simplified

First page of the PDF file: IBExamsMay23ScheduleSimplified