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Welcome to The Magnolia High School Library

The mission of the Magnolia ISD Library Media Center is to provide an environment where lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement, and self-expression are encouraged and where patrons can meet their educational, informational, and recreational needs.

Through this process, we will help equip learners with skills to navigate an information-rich world. The Library responds to the needs of users by providing clean and inviting buildings, well-organized and up-to-date collections, friendly professional service, and well-trained staff.

To carry out this mission, Library Media Specialists, administrators, and learning leaders will work together to ensure that learners can effectively locate, access, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate information and ideas.
THe Library Media Center:
  • Provides access for learners to visit the library media center on an individual, small group, and large group basis, as needed
  • Allows information skills to be taught at the point of need in a meaningful context that meets curricular objectives
  • Promotes a partnership between the Library Media Specialist, instructional coordinators, and teachers to integrate the use of resources and facilities into the daily instructional plan
  • Involves learners in making meaningful connections between classroom learning and information skills
  • Allows learners and learning leaders to utilize the Library Media Center resources and current technology independently
  • Provides staff development in building reading and information literacy and enhancing learning through technology

The MHS Library is being updated with new spaces and digital signage during the summer of 2022. We will be ready for the staff to collaborate and plan when they return to school for professional development on August 2nd and fully ready for the students to explore on August  11th. To keep up with our progress, feel free to follow along on this bulb portfolio. Keep coming back to see updated images! You can also follow the MHS Library on Twitter- @theMHSLibrary or on Instagram- mhslibrary22. 


Room 1523 Newsletter

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There are no resources or collections to display
There are no resources or collections to display