Magnolia High School Students Receive Brockman Foundation Scholarship

Congratulations to Caleb Wall and Nicholas Osborn for being awarded the highly competitive, extremely prestigious, and most sought after scholarship Texas A & M University offers.
The Brockman Foundation Scholarship is for STEM students. They chose 50 freshmen out of the 21,600 applying for admission to Texas A & M. The Brockman is a 4 plus 1 scholarship, which is a 4 year Bachelors in a STEM degree, plus a one year toward the students Masters degree.
50 STEM students that went through a rigorous interview process and received the scholarship. High School seniors have to apply for these 50 spots and Magnolia High Schools earned 2 of these prestigious scholarships.

The scholarship is a full 5 year ride, including a masters. Tuition, books, room and board!  Values between $125,000 -$150,000.