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FAFSA Friday

What is FAFSA Friday?
It is an opportunity for seniors and parents/guardians to meet with Financial Aid experts who will be available on the MHS campus.

What will I do at FAFSA Friday?
The student and/or parents can begin the FAFSA application, ask questions of the Financial Aid experts, get help troubleshooting on the FAFSA application, etc.

When is FAFSA Friday?
It is Friday, October 4, 2019 in the MHS Library.

What time is FAFSA Friday?
It is from noon to 6pm - It is a come and go event so students/parents/guardians do not have to stay the entire time. There is a home football game where you can walk across the parking lot after FAFSA Friday and enjoy the game:).

Why do I want to go to FAFSA Friday?
FAFSA is the first step for you and your student to take if your student will be receiving Financial Aid of any kind for College or Tech/Trade School after high school. FAFSA is the free money from the Government for students to use for their education. It is a first-come, first-serve basis and so the earlier you and your student can apply for FAFSA, the great chance your student will have of receiving the maximum amount of money.
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