Youngblood, David » Welcome to EnglishDual Credit English 1301-02 & 2332-33

Welcome to EnglishDual Credit English 1301-02 & 2332-33

Welcome to English with Mr. Youngblood


Welcome to what I hope will be a fruitful year of study and preparation as you and your children prepare to enter this next phase of your lives.  As we work together to get through this exciting but often problematic period of change, let me assure you that one of the major goals I set for myself as well as for the course is consistency.  The journey from high school to the “real world” offers new and difficult challenges for students, parents, and teachers. With that in mind, we will strive to make every effort to make the academic portion of the school day as smooth and meaningful as possible.

English IV 2332-33 and English 1301-02 are courses designed with two specific ends in mind:  to provide students with a comprehensive study of world literature and foster and strengthen their ability to think and write about those thoughts in an academically acceptable manner.  You will be given college level work, and the expectation is that you will accept the challenge. The atmosphere of the class is challenging but also collegial. It encourages students to think and work consistently at a high plane.  Typically, students enrolled in college courses early want to achieve, are willing to work hard, and can profit and succeed even if they have average ability. These students should have the characteristics of perseverance, open-mindedness, a willingness to take risks (especially with their thinking), self-discipline, and intellectual curiosity.  All of these are ingredients for success in this course. These are also the characteristics for a good teacher, and I will work daily to meet this challenge.
Best of luck this year.
Contact Information and Tutoring Schedule
The best way to reach me is through email. That address is 
I will be making use of Remind but please wait for further instructions in class about how to join.
You can also follow my daily postings on Twitter @elitelitbkgrp
If you need help with any of the assignments or need to visit about any items of interest to you such as college essay help, etc. Please schedule an appointment with me after school. I am available most days but would prefer a heads up in case I am needed at an already scheduled meeting or event. See me as well about getting a pass during your Bulldog Block time.