Coach Hargis, P.E. Weight Training

P.E. Weight Training is an introductory course in Weightlifting. We spend the beginning of the course teaching the Big Three lifts of Squat, Bench, and Power Clean. We teach progressions that help students with these lifts. We teach students how to work around a weight room. SAFETY FIRST is our number one priority, how do we spot this lift, how much weight can be on one side of the bar without it dumping over, and how to safely complete a correct lift to prevent bodily injuries. 
We will progress to supplemental lifts that complement the Big Three lifts. We will give the students work outs each day that provide them the opportunity to get stronger as well as become educated in weight lifting. 
The students will learn how to build their own workout programs as well as design nutritional guides to supplement their weight training goals. Do they want to get bigger and build muscle mass? Do they want to slim up and tone the muscles they have? Do they want to just enjoy burning calories and feeling better each day?
We also incorporate conditioning, yoga, kick boxing, as well as some team sports. 
1st-Freshman Football
2nd-Weight Training
3rd-Weight Training
4th-Weight Training
5th-Varsity Football
6th-Weight Training