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Welcome Choir students!
My name is Thea Persinger and I will be teaching your choir class this year. Many of you may already know me from Bear Branch Junior High where I was the choir director for three years. I moved up this year to the high school to learn and grow while also getting to help Ms. Franz
We are working with an Instructional management system called Canvas, and I will be posting hard copies and lessons through this system instead of this web page. Please click on the MHS Choir link on the right hand side to access the MAIN CHOIR PAGE
Below is my daily schedule of classes. Freshmen have a slightly different schedule around 5th period
School Begins 7:10 AM
Period 1 AP Music Theory (assisting Ms.Franz) or traveling to BBJH  7:15 AM 8:04 AM 49 min
Period 2 JV Women's Choir (Persinger) 8:09 AM 8:58 AM 49 min
Period 3 Chorale (assisting Ms. Franz) 9:03 AM 9:52 AM 49 min
Period 4 Varsity Men (assisting Ms. Franz) 9:57 AM 10:48 AM 51min
Period 5 Varsity Women (assisting Ms. Franz) 10:53 AM 11:42 AM 50 min
Bulldog Block A (All State Help) 11:42 AM 12:10 PM
28 min
Bulldog Block B (All State Help) 12:14 PM 12:42 PM
28 min
Period 6 Piano (assisting Ms. Franz) or traveling to BBJH 12:47 PM 1:36 PM 49 min
Period 7 Conference or traveling to BBJH 1:41 PM 2:30 PM 49 min
School Ends 2:30 PM