AP Testing Information

AP Testing Information

Recently College Board released some new information regarding the upcoming  AP exams in May.


This is a link to the Exam Schedule as well as the content that will be covered in each course. 




This is a link to the Time Zone Schedule, just select the Central Time zone, this might be helpful.





Please note that all students will need to take their exams on their given exam date and time. There are makeup exam days in June, but those are only reserved for students with extenuating circumstances outside of their control.


All students will need a device that can connect to the internet on the day of their exam as all AP exams will be taken online. If you have a student that does not have this access or capability, please let me know so we can begin to make arrangements for them. 


Students will receive an email from College Board with instructions on how to take the exam at the email address they gave College Board when they registered for their exams this year.  Note this may not be their school email address. Every student created their own account with College Board using an email address they selected.


If they are not sure what email address they used, they need to login to their College Board account to view this information. It is imperative that they have access to this email address as this is where the instructions will be sent. They will not be sent to me.


 Please have your students login to that email address to verify they are receiving emails from CollegeBoard. If they are having any difficulties with this please have them call College Board at 1 (866) 630-9305. 


In their College Board account, they also need to select what College they would like their AP scores to be sent. College Board will send the scores for free to one school when the results are released. 


This is the CollegeBoard website where you can find more information about the exams. 



Any questions about IB or AP can be directed to Derek Parsons @ dparsons@magnoliaisd.org