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AP Testing

Home school students wishing to take an AP test at Magnolia High School must contact Mr. Parsons, the Advanced Academic Coordinator, at dparsons@magnoliasid.org by October 1, 2020. This is hard deadline. 
MHS students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the associated AP exam for that course in May.

Q: How and when do students register for AP exams?

A: Students register for AP exams through the College Board website. Their AP teachers provide them with a course code. By joining the course with the course code, the student has in effect ordered their exam. This must be done by October 16th.


Q: When do students need to pay for AP exams?

A: The deadline to pay for AP exams is October 16th


Q: How do I pay for an AP exam?

A: Students can pay for AP exams by following this link MHS AP Test Payment Link


Q: How much do AP exams cost for MHS students? 

A: $40 per AP exam or $10 per exam if the student qualifies for free and reduced lunch. 


Q: What if I do not pay by October 16th?

A: Please see Mr. Parsons immediately. After November 15th, the student will either need to pay a $40 late fee, levied by College Board, or be removed from the AP course at the end of the fall semester.  


Q: What if I am a homeschool student and wish to test at MHS?

A: Home school students or their guardians should contact Mr. Parsons by October 1st, 2020 to register for exams in May of 2020. Cost is $95 per AP exam for home school students.  


Q: When are the AP Exam dates?

A: Exam dates can be found by following this link: AP Test Dates 2021


Q: What if I do not take the AP exam that I signed up for?

A: If a student does not take the AP exam for which they registered, a $40 returned exam fee, levied by College Board, will be applied. 


Q: Can I take an AP exam if I am not enrolled in the course?

A: Yes. This applies to IB students who wish to take the subject level equivalent AP exam of the IB course in which they are enrolled. 


All questions regarding AP testing can be directed to Derek Parsons at dparsons@magnoliaisd.org