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Hello AP Testers!

All that is necessary to prepare you for your exam day is accessible online. Below you will find a number of links with helpful information. As a tester, there are many things you need to be aware of, but one we’d like to especially impress upon you is DO NOT BE LATE to your exam.  

Necessary Information to Access

The one thing you MUST read is the AP Exam Terms and Conditions as you will sign a statement when you take your exam that states you have done so. This replaces the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents that was issued with previous examination sessions.  AP Exam Terms and Conditions 

In addition to the AP Exam Terms and Conditions, students should familiarize themselves with the AP Exam Calculator Policy, What to Bring on Exam Day, as well as any other relevant information from the AP Exam Policies and Guidelines

Your testing schedule and just about everything else can be found by accessing your College Board account. The internal school calendar is listed below. Please follow it accordingly and pay special attention to when to report for exams. 

Time and Location

Below is the combined AP/IB Exam Schedule. Please take note of arrival time for both AM and PM tests. Some morning exams may unexpectedly take longer than anticipated which will delay the beginning of afternoon exams. Please be patient if this is the case. Locations are subject to change and will be communicated before hand if necessary.

Duration of exams listed below are of the actual exam itself and does not include check-in, instructions, breaks, or post exam collection of materials.

And, of course, DO NOT BE LATE to your exam.