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IB Exams

General IB Exam Conduct Instructions for MHS

  • All exams will be taken in 1206, which is Mr. Parsons’ classroom.



  • Listed exam times are when exams begin. This does not include preparatory activities such as distributing materials, answer documents, checking calculators, etc. 

    • Unlike AP, IB does not offer makeup exams. If you miss the exam, you’ve missed your opportunity to take the exam. The next testing opportunity will be either in November 2021 or May 2022.
    • If something unexpected has happened on the way to school on the day of your exam such as a flat tire, car won’t start, or a traffic accident is slowing traffic - call Mr. Parsons immediately. If you are in a traffic accident, also call but please ensure you are okay before you do so.
    • If you are ill the morning of your exam and do not think you can make it, contact Mr. Parsons immediately. 

  • Students should arrive at the exam site 15 minutes in advance to the start time. Morning exams begin at 8:00. Afternoon exams begin at 12:30

Conduct of the Exams

  • Students will be allowed to have a bottle of water with them during the examination.
  • Going to the restroom during the examination is not recommended. If a restroom break becomes necessary, students need to be aware that no extra time will be given for the exam.
  • Electronic devices are not permitted at any time during the examination. This includes calculators (with the exception of a mathematics exam), cell phones, smart watches, and any portable computer devices. Cell phones will need to be completely turned off during the examination.
  • All IB exams are written in blue or black ink. Pencils are only used on Paper 1 of science exams, and or used for graphs, diagrams, or charts. 
  • For exams that allow a calculator, you must bring your own. Calculators will not be provided. 
  • Bags, backpacks and purses will have a designated place for keeping while examinations are taking place. This will likely be in the front or back of the room. 
  • Students are allowed to leave the examination room once they have completed their exam unless the time is within the first hour or the last 15 minutes of the exam.

  • Students will receive with this handout a copy of the “Conduct of the Examinations: Notice to Candidates”. Students should read this entire document.
  • Students need to be aware the MHS dress code applies during IB exams.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Parsons

AND one last time - do not be late for your exams.