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Drill Team

 Drill Team Information
Practice Schedule:
Mon & Wed 2:45 - 5:30PM
Fri - practice will be held if there is a meet on Sat or as deemed necessary by the Coaches
Coaches: Master Chief Seymour (Head Coach)
                 CDR Bedell (Admin)
Team Commanders:
Battalion Commander - C/CDR Brigid Fox
Armed - C/LTJG Alex Elkins
Unarmed - C/LT Lindsey Chauvin
Male CG - C/LTJG Seth Quinn
Female CG - C/LT Alysia Perez
PT - C/LTJG Lillia Cavallaro
Academics - C/MC Hannah Brown
Ordnance/Equip Mgr - C/ENS Russell Repman

Drill Team ‘State Week’ Schedule

19-24 Feb 2018

Mon: 2:45 – 5:30        Practice

Tues:                            No Practice

Wed: 2:45 – 5:30        Practice          

Thurs: 2:45 – 5:30       Practice

Fri: 8AM                      Depart MHS

      9:30                        Arrive TAMU, George Bush Museum visit

      11:00                      Lunch (paid for by cadets)

      11:45                      In-Brief (Instructors)

      1-2:30                    PT  (push ups & sit ups; 1600 yd shuttle run)

      3:00                        Academic Test

      TBD                        Fish Drill Team Exhibition

      4-5:30                    Practice

      6PM                       Dinner On Campus (Unit Pays)

      7:30                        Arrive Hotel (La Quinta, 607 Texas Ave, College Station)

 Sat: 5AM                    Reveille

        6:00                      Breakfast (Unit Pays)

        7:00                      Arrive TAMU - In-Brief (Instructors)

        7:20 – 9:40           Personnel Inspection/Drill Events

        10:00                    Stow gear, Hotel Check-out                                       

        12PM                   Lunch (Unit Pays) & afternoon activities (TBD)

        4:20-5:30              Awards Ceremony

        6PM                     Dinner - Whataburger (Cadets Pay)

        8:00                      Arrive MHS

Drill Season complete – Deep Sea Hoo Yah!


Cost: $20

Travel Uniform: Jeans, sneakers and maroon hoodie (issued) or lettermen jacket