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Annual Military Inspection

Annual Military Inspection (AMI)
Date: Thursday,  5 December 2019.
Location: Magnolia HS Main Gym
Time: 8 - 10:50AM
Please be seated by 8AM
AMI is a mandatory event that all cadets must attend.
Parents/Guardians  are cordially invited to attend the JROTC Annual Military Inspection (AMI) which will take place on Thursday, 13 February 2019. The ceremonial portion of the inspection is open to the public and will adhere to the following schedule:
   8AM  - Parade the Colors & National Anthem                                      (Main Gym)
   8:10  - Personnel Inspection                                                               (Main Gym)
   8:40  -  Platoon Drill,                                                                           (Band parking lot)
   9:45   - Drill Teams performances, Awards, Pass in Review               (Main Gym)
  10:50  - Ceremonial portion of the inspection concludes
The lead inspector for the AMI is Commander Mike Hale, U.S. Navy (Ret), NJROTC Area 10 Manager
Cadet AMI Info:
All cadets report to the main gym at 7:10AM in full uniform. 
 Uniform for AMI


1. Chiefs and Officers: Service Dress Blue and combination cover


2.  All other cadets: Navy Service Uniform
  • Garrison Cap with anchor
  • Khaki Shirt with ribbons, devices and name tags
  • 3 medals only; one cord only
  • White crew neck t-shirt
  • Belt and buckle
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes (highly shined)
  • Black socks
3.  All male cadets must have a haircut no more than 1 week old and adhere to the Cadet Field Manual grooming standards (hygiene, jewelry, etc..).
4. All female cadets will prepare their hair in accordance with the Cadet Field Manual and adhere to grooming standards (hygiene, jewelry, etc..).
5. Only a total of 3 medals may be worn and only 1 lanyard.
Safety: All cadets should eat breakfast and be properly hydrated. Ensure that your knees are flexed while at attention to avoid fainting.