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Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon® is a ten-subject/event (Art, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Science, and Speech) scholastic competition for teams of high school students. Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 Honor (A) students, 3 Scholastic (B) students, and 3 Varsity (C) students.  The theme for the 2015-2016 Academic Decathlon season was “India."  The theme for the 2016-2017 Academic Decathlon season is “World War II.”

Contact Mr. Lee at if you are interested in joining the team. 


Past Success!


2016 Results

16 medals

4th Place Overall - Katie Nissen, Marcus Sloan, Alex Henze, Jazmin Urrutia, Brandon Hosford, Dylan Mayes, Madison Mapes, David Martinez, Marvin Crawford

Katie Nissen - 4th Place lNDIVIDUAL OVERALL(Honors)

Jazmin Urrutia - 4th Place INDIVIDUAL OVERALL (Scholastic)
Marvin Crawford - 4th Place INDIVIDUAL OVERALL (Varsity)

2nd Place Essay - Katie Nissen 

3rd Place Essay - Marvin Crawford

1st Place Interview - Katie Nissen

2nd Place Interview- David Martinez

3rd Place Speech - Marvin Crawford

2nd Place Math - Marvin Crawford
3rd Place Math - Dylan Mayes

3rd Place Music - Jazmin Urrutia

2nd Place Economics - Katie Nissen

3rd Place Economics - Jazmin Urrutia

3rd Place Science - Marvin Crawford

3rd Place Art - Brandon Hosford
3rd Place Art - Katie Nissen

2015 Results
35 medals
2nd Place Team – 36,578.2 - 9 medals
Katie Nissen, Samantha Fedotova, Paige Dickey, Milena Peterson, Diana Ledezma, Jazmin Urrutia, Hannah Jones, Madison Mapes
26 Individual Medals
Katie Nissen - 2nd Place INDIVIDUAL OVERALL HONORS – 3rd in the competition
Samantha Fedotova - 4th Place INDIVIDUAL OVERALL HONORS
Katie Nissen - 1st Place Essay Honors
Samantha Fedotova - 1st Place Speech Honors
Katie Nissen - 2nd Place Speech Honors
Samantha Fedotova - 1st Place Interview Honors
Hannah Jones - 1st Place Lang/Lit Varsity
Samantha Fedotova - 2nd Place Lang/Lit Honors
Diana Ledezma - 2nd Place Math Scholastic
Hannah Jones - 2nd Place Math Varsity
Katie Nissen - 3rd Place Music Honors
Hannah Jones - 3rd Place Music Varsity
Katie Nissen - 1st Place Economics Honors
Samantha Fedotova - 2nd Place Economics Honors
Katie Nissen - 3rd Place Science Honors
Jazmin Urrutia - 3rd Place Science Scholastic
Katie Nissen - 2nd Place Art Honors
Hannah Jones - 2nd Place Art Varsity
Diana Ledezma - 3rd Place Art Scholastic
Katie Nissen - 3rd Place Social Science Honors
Jazmin Urrutia - 3rd Place Social Science Scholastic
Hannah Jones - 3rd Place Social Science Varsity
Katie Nissen - Top Team Honors
Diana Ledezma - Top Team Scholastic
Hannah Jones - Top Team Varsity
2014 Results
25 total medals
Samantha Fedotova, Mishayla Smith, Katie Nissen, Paige Dickey, Milena Peterson, Hannah Jones, Kenneth Gregory, Caitlin Greif, Jordan Sims
4th Place Overall Team / 33054.2 10 Medals
15 Individual Medals
Katie Nissen – 1st Place Art
Caitlin Greif – 3rd Place Art
Katie Nissen – 3rd Place Essay
Milena Peterson – 2nd Place Essay
Paige Dickey – 3rd Place Essay
Caitlin Greif – 1st Place Essay
Kenny Gregory – 3rd Place Language
Kenny Gregory – 3rd Place Science
Jordan Sims – 2nd Place Social Science
Katie Nissen – 1st Place Speech
Katie Nissen – 3rd Individual Overall Honors
Kenny Gregory – 5th Individual Overall Varsity
Katie Nissen Top Honors Team
Hannah Jones Top Scholastic Team
Kenny Gregory Top Varsity Team
2013 Results
33 medals
Aricka Anderson, Jon Beilowitz, Samantha Fedotova, Milena Peterson, Mishayla Smith, Caitlin Greif, Kenny Gregory, Kieran Scott and Jordan Sims.
3rd Place Overall Team / 33650.5
3rd Place Super Quiz Team
13 individual awards listed below:
Kenny Gregory - 1st Place Essay
Samantha Fedotova - 2nd Place Interview
Jordan Sims - 2nd Place Speech
Milena Peterson - 2nd Place Speech
Samantha Fedotova - 2nd Place Speech
Kenny Gregory - 2nd Place Math
Jon Beilowitz - 2nd Place Math
Jon Beilowitz - 3rd Place Social Science
Jon Beilowitz - 3rd Place Science
Jon Beilowitz - 5th Place Overall
Jon Beilowitz - Top Honors
Mishayla Smith - Top Scholastic
Jordan Sims - Top Varsity
2012 Results
6 medals
Arica Anderson (NP), Julia Kennedy, Jonathan Beilowitz, Robert Brittain (NP), Katlyn Hallisey, Brandon Rinker,
Jarrett Bopp, Michael Kosir, Carlos Garza
6 Individual medals
Brandon Rinker – 2nd Essay
Brandon Rinker – 3rd Interview
Jarrett Bopp – 2nd Math
Jon Beilowitz - Top Honors Scorer
Brandon Rinker - Top Scholastic Scorer
Jarrett Bopp - Top Varsity Scorer
2011 Results
Porter HS
18 medals
Team Awards : 3rd Place Super Quiz
Jonathan Beilowitz, Loren Galloway, Krystal Watson, Robert Brittain, Michael Ohsfeldt, John Bustoz, Dylan Ruley, Rachel Dover, CJ Frankel
9 Individual Awards:
Dylan Ruley - 1st Place Math - Varsity Division
Loren Gallowy - 2nd Place Math - Honors Division
Jonathan Beilowitz - 3rd Place Essay - Honors Division
Robert Brittain - 3rd Place Essay - Scholastic Division
Dylan Ruley - 3rd Place Interview - Varsity Division
Michael Ohsfeldt - 3rd Place Social Science - Scholastic Division
Loren Galloway - Top Honors Division Team Member
Robert Brittain - Top Scholastic Division Team Member
CJ Frankel - Top Varsity Division Team Member

2010 Results
Bellaire HS
33 Medals 3rd
Loren Galloway, Erika McKamie, Elissa Noske, Julia Taylor, Michael Ohsfeldt, Ryan Orchid Cook, Brandon Rinker, Lochlan Green, Natalie Gunn, Alt Chelsea Hairston
3rd Place Overall Team
2nd Place Super Quiz Team
3rd Place Super Quiz Relay Team
13 Individual Awards:
Brandon Rinker - 1st Place Speech - Varsity Division
Natalie Gunn - 3rd Place Speech - Varsity Division
Mike Ohsfeldt - 3rd Place Economics - Scholastic Division
Brandon Rinker - 3rd Place Economics - Varsity Division
Mike Ohsfeldt - 3rd Place Science - Scholastic Division
Mike Ohsfeldt - 3rd Place Super Quiz - Scholastic Division
Mike Ohsfeldt - 5th Place Overall Individual - Scholastic Division
Loren Galloway - Top Honors Division Team Member
Mike Ohsfeldt - Top Scholastic Division Team Member
Brandon Rinker - Top Varsity Division Team Member