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Project Prom requires at minimum $28,000.  Really, $40,000 is a good number to shoot for to have a memorable event where every kid goes home with something great.

Round numbers...Main Event costs $18,000.
Right now the Class of 2018 has about $22.000 which is due in part to the hard work of volunteers working to raise funds and the buy-in donations made by parents. $8000 of that total was obtained from the sales of parking permits. Upcoming fundraisers include Pie In the Sky sales October 23-November 6, a Holiday Market held at the Lake Windcrest Golf Club on November 2, ongoing t-shirt and cup sales, Bingo Night at MWHS on February 3, Mr. GQ (date TBD), Pork Butt sales near Easter, and our biggest money maker, Buy-Ins. 
Buy-ins of $100 can be sent to Mark Hibner at MHS. Please be sure to include your student's name. If you would like to pay with PayPal please send $103.31 to cover the cost of the processing fee.