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Hello!!  My name is Kathy Celestine.  Currently I am teaching pre-AP chemistry and AP chemistry at Magnolia High School.
My undergraduate degree is from Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas.  My major was biology and my minor was chemistry.  I have done graduate work at the University of Houston and taken several chemistry courses designed for teachers at Rice University.
I look forward to working with your student this year as we explore chemistry.

Recent Posts

Acid/Base test for pre-AP chemistry students

on Thursday, May 10th, we will have a test over acids and bases.  Study!!

Big Day on Monday for AP Chemistry Students

n Monday, you will take the AP chemistry test.  I will be hosting breakfast in my classroom beginning about 6:50 am.  
Thanks in advance for bringing a goodie to share so that you can all have breakfast before the test.
Rest this weekend and see you Monday morning.

Test over Quantities on Wednesday, Oct. 4, pre-AP chemistry

We will have a test over the chapter 2 material.  The main theme of this chapter is chemical quantities.  Topics include significant figures, scientific notation, doing mathematical functions with the correct significant figures, density calculations, and extensive and intensive properties.  Accuracy and precision are included.

AP chemistry review

While it says summer review (I thought I changed the title), it is NOT for a grade.  Doing this review will definitely save you heartache and pain later on and make you more confident when we hit the tougher material.

AP chem students, if you want to review. . .

Here is a  review of some basic chemistry concepts and calculations.  It would be great if you could look this over and give us a head start on the coming school.  Enjoy your summer!!  

Remind #'s

To sign up for remind, here are the numbers to text to:
Pre-AP chemistry  Text to:  81010     Text this message:  @kcel
AP chemistry     Text to:  81010          Text this message:  @kcele

1999 AP chemistry exam with answers

This is an older exam, but it will definitely help.  Back in the day, they had 75 multiple choice questions.  Today we have 60 more wordy questions.  You have 90 minutes on the multiple choice.  Yes, you get the test packet.  No use of calculators.
For the free response, you no longer have choices.  We now have 4 long questions worth 10 points each and 4 short questions worth 4 points each for a total of 52 points on the free response.
All free response are available on line.  Try 2010 or newer.  Type in your browser:  AP chemistry free response questions and there they are!!

Cell Phone Policy

Unless the teacher says "keep your phone as you will be needing it to complete an assignment today," you need to gently place your cell phone, off, in the cell phone box.  If you are on your cell phone, you are not learning the chemistry being taught in the classroom and your grades will be stinky.