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Volunteer hours

MHS is using TrackItForward.com to log your community service hours.
1. Go to TrackItForward.com
2.  Click on "Find your Organization"
3.  Type in Magnolia High School
4. Click on Magnolia High School in blue
5.  see the Need an account? Click on sign up
6.  Set up your account and you are ready to log your volunteer hours!
If you logged hours into x2VOL (our program from 2017) your hours have been transferred to TrackItForward.  Please use the same email address so your account with TrackItForward will merge with x2VOL.
Need Community Service?
Check out TrackItForward.com, click on Event sign-ups for current volunteer opportunities.
Why Community Service?
You do not need community service hours to graduate, but it is highly recommended for college applications, scholarships, and resumes.  Community service hours help you stand out.  Community service is recognized at graduation by the wearing of cords.  For 50 to 99 hours, you will receive one cord; for 100 hours or more, you will receive 2 cords.
Things to Know About Community Service
Students are encouraged to stay on top of their hours so they will be verified in a timely manner.  Please enter your hours in the SAME  year they were earned.
  1. Hours for graduation cords start for Freshmen on August 14, 2019.  Any hours completed before the first day of 9th grade do NOT count towards cords and should not be entered on college applications.
  2. If you have questions about whether a certain event/activity counts as community service, please email jmccusker@magnoliaisd.org.
  3. Hours will show pending until approval is made.
Volunteer hours may be earned in both the school and community, as long as the student is donating their time and not benefiting from the service or receiving payment.  Please read below to see a more detailed description of community service.
  • Services for an organization that a student belongs to will not be counted.  For example, participation in a car wash sponsored by a club would not count as community service.  An exception to this guideline would be if the organization is donating the profits to a charity.
  • Students may receive volunteer hours for helping at religious institutions as long as those hours do not include participation in a religious service. For example, a student is not eligible for hours spent teaching Sunday school, singing in the choir or serving as an altar server.  However, a student may receive service hours for assisting with landscaping, office work, clean-up days, or volunteering in the daycare center.
  • Service for a student's family or family business will not count.  Volunteer hours may not be certified by a family member or fellow student.