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Welcome to Magnolia High School College & Career Center

Please use the links on the right side of the page for navigation.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Delena Herzog, or give me a call at 281/356-3572 extension 7098.
Family Connections will be used to send out student and parent emails.  If you have not registered your account, or aren't receiving updates, please contact me by email.
Family Connections is different than Home Access Center (HAC)
Get Connected
Remind texts:  To sign up, send a text message to phone number 281/766-7922
For Seniors:  text   "@maghigh18"
For Juniors:  text "@maghigh19"
For Sophomores:  text "@maghigh20"
For Freshmen:  text "@maghigh21"
Transcript requests:  Please put Delena Herzog as the counselor college applications so I will receive the request to process your transcript.
Scholarships:  A list is published and placed outside the U as scholarships are announced for students and parents to access the information.
Also, you may use the following scholarship search engines: