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National Scholarships

The sites below are scholarship search engines.  I highly recommend you create a college scholarship email address (for example:  herzog4collegfunds@-----), this way ads will not fill up your personal email.  As scholarships become available, I will post them here with the application so you can download them at your convenience.  In addition, follow me on twitter @magnoliaccc or remind @17c91 to get notices as scholarships are made available.   If you need any help, please see me in room #1419.  
The Houston Area Recruiters Network has many resources for students.
Many colleges require a separate scholarship application from the admission application, be sure you do not miss this opportunity!  
FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Be sure to request you FAFSA id, now before the October 1 applications open.
The Texas Comptroller's Office and the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation have released this year's online version of the Minnie Stevens Piper Compendium  Students, parents, school counselors, teachers, and other can now review important information about Texas colleges and universities on the Comptroller's Every Chance, Every Texan Website
New scholarship search engine that launched August 15th, but looks promising; however, it is too early to review.  They want to be the Common App of scholarships - complete ONE application to apply for many scholarships.  Just remember...NEVER pay for scholarship searches!