What are dual class?
Dual classes are courses in which student receive both high school and college credit for the course.  Magnolia High School offers the following courses for dual credit:  English 3, United States History, English 4, Government, and PreCalculus.
How do I sign up?
The dual process is multi-step and students should start early.  All steps must be completed by the deadline, MAY 1, 2019:
1.  Create a Lone Star College Account at Apply Texas
      Be sure to selection the Lone Star - Montgomery  Campus;  In about 3-5 days, you will receive either an email from Apply Texas to verify your email address or an email from Lone Star with your Lone Star Student ID number.
2.  Stop by the U (room #1419) or send Mrs. Herzog an email (dherzog@magnoliaisd.org) to take the Pre-Assessment.  The Pre-Assessment (PAA) is required before students can take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), which is required to ensure you are college ready.
3. Upon completion of the PAA, you will select which day you want to take the TSI.  Magnolia High School is now a TSI test center, which gives us greater flexibility in meeting our students needs.  The TSI is $5.00 to take the test.
4.  After successful completion of the TSI, you will be given registration forms for Lone Star College, complete the forms and return them to Mrs. Herzog.
5. Finally, you will receive an email from Lone Star College to pay for your courses.