GRADES are very important because your GPA is based on the grades earned each semester.  EVERY class matters; EVERY grade matters.

Does the student have a lot (more than 3) zeroes on assignments? If daily work looks good, how is the student performing on tests? Is the student attending tutorials during Advisory? If the student's grade is below 70, encourage the student to attend tutorials. Do you follow your student's grades on the TEAMS Account? What is causing the student to fail this course? Lack of organization? Not doing homework? Not studying for tests? Contact the teacher for his/her input.
Students in a level class AND receiving grades below 70, lose eligibility to participate in UIL events, sports, competition, etc.

Students in AP/Advanced courses making grade 60-69 remain eligible for UIL. If a student in an AP or Advanced course ended the grading period with a grade less than 60, they may apply for a waiver from Mrs. Caitlin Cain (the student must initiate the waiver process).