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I graduated from the University of St. Thomas and this is my 8th year in the teaching profession. In addition, I am adjunct professor at Lone Star College teaching U.S. and Texas History. To understand our great country, as well as knowing ourselves, we must look into the past. 

Conference Period: 6th 

Class Schedule:

1st - US History (Dual Credit
2nd - US History 
3rd - US History (Dual Credit)
4th - US History 
5th - US History 
7th - US History (Dual Credit)

Office Hours: (T & Th On Level) (M & W Dual Credit) 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Retesting: May retake one exam per 9 weeks. Cannot re-take finals and/or DCA's.
Late work: Each passing day results in 10% deduction from full credit.