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AP Exam Dates, Times, & Information

2018 AP Test Dates and Times:


April 29th = Computer Science Principles performance tasks need to be submitted to CAS for confirmation on April 30th.


Week 1:

Monday, May 7: 

8 AM = Chemistry & Spanish Literature and Culture

12 NOON = Psychology


Tuesday, May 8: 

8 AM = Spanish Language and Culture 

12 NOON =  Art History & Physics 1: Algebra-Based


Wednesday, May 9: 

8 AM = English Literature and Composition 

12  NOON = Physics 2: Algebra-Based


Thursday, May 10: 

8 AM = United States Government and Politics


Friday, May 11: 

8 AM = United States History & Art Studio* (Students should submit digital portfolios prior to this date/deadline as designated by your AP Studio Art Teacher)*

12 NOON = Computer Science Principles


Week 2:

Monday, May 14: 

8 AM Biology & Music Theory  

12 NOON = Physics C: Mechanics

2 PM Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


Tuesday, May 15: 

8AM Calculus AB & Calculus BC

12 NOON = French Language and Culture & Computer Science A


Wednesday, May 16: 

8AM = English Language and Composition

12 NOON = Macroeconomics 


Thursday, May 17: 

8 AM = World History

12 NOON Statistics


Friday, May 18: 

8AM = Human Geography 



*If students have conflicts with above testing dates, students then need to discuss these conflicts with Mrs. Ray, Office 1301, no later than March 23, 2018 to get late tests ordered. 


*Locations for these testing rooms will be posted in the commons the first week of May and will also be communicated through your AP Teacher.


*Students will also receive an AP Bulletin for details on approved materials, rules, etc. for each designated AP Test.


The AP late testing schedule for students with conflicts can be found at the following website: