Teacher: Mike Cranfill

Room 2913

Conference: 2nd Period



Welcome to a new year! This syllabus is simply an overview so that you will know what materials you will need, what my personal classroom rules are, and what we will cover this semester. I hope that you will come to class with a willing attitude as we explore World History and discover your connections with the people and places around the world that have affected your past and will be an important part of your future.


Materials and Supplies:        Each class period, you will need the following items: a blue or black pen, pencil, and a 3 notebook with 5 dividers. Each student will be assigned one additional item to purchase for the classroom supplies.


Information Sheet:                Everyone needs to fill out an information sheet for me. I know you have or will fill these out for every teacher today, and I am sorry about the repetition. However, I need to have good information about each of you so that I can get to know each of you as individuals, and not student ID numbers.


Classroom Rules:                  The school district has its own set of rules in your student handbook. You have to follow these rules. I have a set of rules to follow as well, in my teacher handbook. Sometimes, it is hard for us to understand why some of these rules exist. My classroom rules exist so that everyone is respected and able to do their work while in my room.


1) Be on time to class.    When you are late, or tardy, it is disruptive to the entire class. I like to get started as soon as possible, because we have a certain amount of material to cover each day. When people come in tardy, it delays the start of class, and ensures that we will not cover the required material.


2) Bring all of your materials and supplies to class everyday.    Just as with number one, if you do not have your stuff, and we have to wait on you to borrow something, it delays the start of class, and means that we will not finish early. Also, if no one has extra supplies with them for you to borrow, you have none to work with, and will have to do the assignment for homework. (NOT fun!)


3) Listen to your teacher.    Anytime I am talking, you should be listening. I am the person with the information.


4) Respect yourself and your fellow classmates.     Everyone wants to be treated with respect, so that means everyone has to treat others with respect.


5) Stay on Task! Work on the assignment or the activity assigned during the class period.



Daily Procedures:                  Every day you come to my room, you need be in your seat by the tardy bell, focus, and begin your warm up.


Grades:                                  Per district guidelines:            Daily Grades are 31% Test grades are 54 % and nine weeks tests are 15%. I normally take 2 to 3 daily grades per week and have 3 or 4 major grades before the nine weeks test.


Late Work:                            Please see the MISD policy in the student handbook for work that is missed due to absences. All assignments are due the day they are due. Late work policy will be in accordance with MISD and MWHS guidelines.




We will be using the textbook as a point of reference and a guide, but we will also be using primary source documents. You will be expected to read both in and outside of class to prepare for class discussions and assignments. I am not big on giving homework assignments, unless you do not complete your class work, but I do expect you to read so that you are prepared when we have assignments and discussions. Any class assignments not completed will become homework.


If you ever have any questions, about anything, PLEASE ASK!!!




Please sign and fill out the contact information below, and return to the teacher.



I have read and understand the expectations, rules, and procedures in Coach Cranfill’s World History class.



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Overview of                          

World History



Unit Title



Approximate Timeframe

Unit One - Geography Review and Introduction



10 days

Unit Two - River Valley Civilizations


15 days

Unit Three - Classical Civilizations

11 days

Unit Four - Islam and the Middle Ages


14 days

Unit Five - Africa and the Mongols



12 days

Unit Six – Renaissance, Reformation, Americas and Exploration



13 days

Unit Seven – Absolutism and the Age of Revolutions


14 days

Unit Eight – Industrial Revolution


10 days

Unit Nine – World War One


10 days

     Unit Ten – World War Two



12 days

Unit Eleven – Cold War



11 days