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Welcome AP and IB Biology students!
My name is Tracy Beyer and I will be teaching your top-level biology class this year.
Below is my daily schedule of classes. This schedule follows our typical timing of classes, Bulldog Block schedule. Please understand that at times we are on slightly different bell schedules depending on school-wide activities.
School Begins 8:00 AM
Period 1 AP Biology 8:00 AM 8:47 AM 47 min
Period 2 Dept. Leader Conference  8:52 AM 9:39 AM 47 min
Period 3 Conference 9:44 AM 10:31 AM 47 min
Period 4 IB-Biology 1 (Juniors) 10:36 AM 11:23 AM 47 min
A Lunch 11:23 AM 11:53 AM 30 min
Period 5 AP Biology 11:58 AM 12:46 PM 48 min
Period 6 IB-Biology 2 (Seniors) 12:51 PM 1:38 PM 47 min
Period 7 AP Biology 1:43 PM 2:30 PM 47 min
School Ends 2:30 PM    
We are working with an Instructional management system called Canvas, and I will be posting hard copies and lessons through this system instead of this webpage. Please navigate to your Canvas account and your class should be in your dashboard.