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Welcome Biology students!
My name is Tracy Beyer and I will be teaching your biology class this year. Many of you may already know me from Bear Branch Junior High where I was an 8th grade science teacher for 17 years. I am extremely excited to move up this year to the high school and teach biology.
I have been teaching for 20 years, and this school year starts my 21st year. I have been in Magnolia ISD for 17 of those years. My husband and I along with our 3 sons live here in Magnolia. My two older sons are here at the high school, and my youngest attends BBJH. 
Below is my daily schedule of classes. Freshmen have a slightly different schedule around 5th period, but since I teach upper classmen during this time, I follow the upper classmen schedule. 
School Begins 7:10 AM
Period 1 Pre-AP Biology / Freshmen 7:20 AM 8:09 AM 49 min
Period 2 Pre-AP Biology / Freshmen 8:14 AM 9:04 AM 50 min
Period 3 AP Biology / Upper Classmen 9:09 AM 9:58 AM 49 min
Period 4 Conference Time 10:03 AM 10:52 AM 49min
Period 5 AP Biology / Upper Classmen 10:57 AM 11:47 AM 50 min
Bulldog Block A (my lunch time) 11:47 AM 12:15 PM
28 min
Bulldog Block B (tutoring M.T.T / duty W.F) 12:19 PM 12:47 PM
28 min
Period 6 Pre-AP Biology / Freshmen 12:54 PM 1:42 PM 48 min
Period 7 Pre-AP Biology / Freshmen 1:47 PM 2:35 PM 48 min
School Ends 2:35 PM
We are working with an Instructional management system called Canvas, and I will be posting hard copies and lessons through this system instead of this webpage. Please click on the Pre-AP Biology or AP Biology page links on the right depending on which class of mine you have this year. There will be more information on those pages.